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Online English Courses

Find the best English programme for your employees by selecting from a variety of online English courses, alternatively contact the LoroTalk team to create a bespoke course specifically designed for your needs.  


English Teachers

Live private sessions with professional teachers who are qualified to teach English for professional purposes. 

All LoroTalk language teachers are native speakers who have been qualified to join our roster.

Learning Development

Get all the metrics you need to measure and follow the learning development of your employees. 

Using this analysis you can have a better understanding of the employees' skills and improvement curve over time.

Choose among tens of stunning dashboards the one that suits you the best and be part of the improvement process in your organisation.

Return On Investment

LoroTalk’s courses and learning methods are designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time to increase effectiveness in the organization.


Our core methodology is based on value to money analysis, every minute of use is designed to contribute the highest value in order to achieve the improvement goals of both the user and the organisation. 

Idan Areali

Senior Account Executice at LivePerson

I felt during the course a real efficiency in the work. The application is organized, easy to use and definitely provides confidence in the fluency of speech. Teachers are highly professional.

Employees    Us

Anna Jens

LoroTalk Student

Practice having a fluent conversation in English using both everyday and professional language. Think and answer questions immediately in English whilst expanding vocabulary and enriching existing knowledge, as well as receiving instant feedback and quality. 

Naor Hadad

Senior Associate at PWC

Increasing my confidence and developing the skills to explain myself in other ways when I do not know a certain word and improving overall "fluency". The course was a real contribution to my professional track. 

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