English Courses

Choose among a variety of courses the one that is best for your employees 

Each course includes articles, videos and practice materials developed by us to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

Choose courses according to your field of interest - Biotechnology, Business, Technology, Economy and many more, or contact us to develop a tailored program for you.

Private Classes

In our 30-minute private classes students are able to learn intensively with a private teacher via our LoroTalk video platform. Focusing on each student's individual level, interests, and goals, private classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results in a short period of time.

Your teacher will prepare a class based on your personal needs and during the class you will receive direct explanations, corrections and feedbacks in order to instantly improve your language skills.

Our English programs

Find the best English program for your employees by selecting from a variety of online English courses, alternatively contact the LoroTalk team to create a bespoke course specifically designed for your needs.  

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