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Professional Email Writing

Email is the most common and useful tool for communication, especially in the business sector. Thus, whenever you send professional email messages, it's really important to make sure the message is perfect. For this reason we are devoting this post to help you improve your professional email writing skills.

The clarity of a Professional Email reflects on the personal professional level of the writer

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There are several common structures for writing a formal Email, we will focus on one main structure that can be used in several different situations.

Professional Email Structure

  1. Subject header

  2. Greeting

  3. First paragraph (intro)

  4. The massage

  5. Closure

  6. Final check

Subject Header: Use short and accurate subject header, try to be specific and include the content of the email in the subject header. Eventually, do not forget to include key words that can help search this email in the mailbox.

For instance: “Employees list, Board meeting overview 15.02.18”

Greeting: Use Dear/Hello/Hi/Hey, while Dear is more formal, and following that use the person's title: Mr. Mrs. Ms. or Dr.

The usage of a person's last name is more formal while using one's first name is optional and depends on your relationship with him/her.

For instance: “Dear Mr. Adams, Hello Dr. Kein”

First Paragraph (Intro): Introduce yourself and mention how you found that person's email address if necessary. Then, summarise concisely the purpose of this message.

For instance: “My name is Dan Adams, I am writing about the new pricing model for your product. I obtained your Email address from your office”.

The Actual Message: Get your points across without rambling and use formal writing. Break up the message to topics and different paragraphs and try to organize it logically. Consider to include headlines, the message should not be more than five paragraphs and no more than five sentences each.

Closure: Here are some common examples you can use: Thank you for the interest you showed in our company I hope you find this Email pleasing/If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me/I look forward to hearing from you/hank you for your assistance/Yours sincerely/Respectfully/Kind regards/Thank you/Best wishes/Yours.

Eventually, sign with your full name and job title.

For instance: Thank you for the interest you showed in our company.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Alfo

Product manager


Final check: Read your message again and make sure you include all the important details and it is well organised, proofread your message for spelling and grammar errors; If possible, use your colleague for proofreading.

Professional Email Example

Subject header: Business English Course via LoroTalk.

Dear Mr. Adams

My name is Carla Smith and I am a Business English teacher at LoroTalk. I obtained your Email address from the human resource department at your office. I would like to provide you with additional details about our Business English course that will begin next Sunday, May 24th. The best way to improve Business English is to converse. Speaking with professional Business English teachers improves the level of language, fluency and self-confidence. Our Business English course is unique for two main reasons:

  1. The practice is done through a friendly mobile application and is tailored to your employees’ personal level and professional needs.

  2. Using LoroTalk’s Management Dashboard you can get all the metrics you need to measure and follow the learning development of your employees.

The course is 12 weeks long, and each week offers different topics of discussion which are relevant to your employees’ fields of interest. You can speak on each topic for about 30 minutes with a professional tutor.

Thank you for the interest you showed in our company and I hope you will find our English course effective and useful for your needs.


Carla Smith

English Teacher at LoroTalk

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